60 Unique At Home Date Night Ideas for All Budgets

Sometimes you just don’t want to leave the house and brave the world, but you still want to have a fun date night with someone special. Thankfully, this is what at home date nights give you. Not only that, but these type of dates can help you save money, be more creative, and even help you to build a better connection.

Here are our favorite ideas for at home date nights. And if you want some free help planning an at home date night, make sure you give the LoveTrack date planner a try!

1. The Baking Donation Date

Tossing on some aprons together and hitting the kitchen can be a lot of fun, especially when there are some sweet treats at the end.

But what makes the payoff of the date even better is when those sweet treats go to someone deserving like first responders, military, teachers, healthcare workers, or anyone else impactful in your life.

  • Available on LoveTrack? Yes.
  • Budget: $20 – $40

2. The Powers Out Date

Our lives are so consumed by things that require power—TV, phones, electronics, etc. Sometimes, it’s nice to take a step back and unplug for a little while.

With this date, you get to unplug to the max. By pretending the power is out, enjoy a fun night with nothing that plugs in—just candles and battery powered items.

  • Available on LoveTrack? Yes.
  • Budget: $0 – $40

3. The Trivia Challenge Night Date

Trivia is fun. Trivia makes for a great date. What more do we have to say?

Okay, we will say more! There are some really great ways to take a simple trivia date and elevate it to be memorable, unique, and one your date will be raving about.

  • Available on LoveTrack? Yes.
  • Budget: $10 – $50

4. The Nerf Gun Battle Date

Let’s be real—nerfs guns are incredibly fun to play with. And whether you have a little target practice or a full on battle royale, it makes for a memorable and fun date.

  • Available on LoveTrack? Yes.
  • Budget: $20 – $60

5. The At Home Sushi Making Date

Sushi is amazing. And the only thing more fun than eating it, is making it together on a date! For the sushi lover in your life, this is an incredible date that brings creativity, art, and great food together.

And guess what? It’s not that hard!

  • Available on LoveTrack? Yes.
  • Budget: $40 – $100

6. The Candle Making Date

Everyone knows that candles can be fun and romantic, but making your own together? 100 times better. With this date, get your crafting on and enjoy your creations together. And believe it or not, making candles is not hard at all.

  • Available on LoveTrack? Yes.
  • Budget: $10 – $60

7. The Puzzle and Wine Date

Puzzle + Wine + Someone Special = a simple, yet amazing date! If you’re looking to relax, connect, and embrace the joy of puzzling, this elevated version of the date is just for you.

  • Available on LoveTrack? Yes.
  • Budget: $15 – $30

8. The Classic Boardgame Challenge Date

Enjoy classic boardgames together in a best of three (or five) challenge format! This date brings it all—childhood nostalgia, friendly competition, and even a trophy for the winner!

  • Available on LoveTrack? Yes.
  • Budget: $10 – $40

9. The Tie-Dye Shirt Party Date

Arts and crafts didn’t magically stop being fun because we’re adults now. Making tie-dye shirts together is an incredibly unique and fun date.

Your date will be beyond excited to relive part of their childhood together with you. And if you really want to have fun, you can wear your shirts somewhere together!

  • Available on LoveTrack? Yes.
  • Budget: $20 – $40

10. The At Home Pizza Chef Date

Ordering pizza…delicious, but no extra fun. Making your own pizza together on a date? Both delicious and fun! This unique and mouth-watering date is a must try for pizza lovers.

  • Available on LoveTrack? Yes.
  • Budget: $20 – $40

11. The At Home Wine Tasting Date

Trying different wines together is a great way to feel sophisticated, classy, and connect on a date.

And with just a few simple steps, you can create an incredible experience for you and your date without even leaving the house!

  • Available on LoveTrack? Yes.
  • Budget: $25 – $100

12. The Beer Brewing and Special Glass Date

Ever wanted to brew your own beer? Well, if you want to take the classic “grabbing drinks” date to a whole new level, then the beer brewing date is a must try.

What’s also great is that you can have a date making the beer and then another date drinking it when it’s ready!

  • Available on LoveTrack? Yes.
  • Budget: $50 – $100

More At Home Date Night Ideas

  • Cook a new recipe together.
  • Binge watch a new (or old) TV series.
  • Have a themed movie night.
  • Create a DIY spa night.
  • Build a fort.
  • Host a game night.
  • Stargaze in the backyard.
  • Take a virtual tour.
  • Have a picnic indoors.
  • Host a karaoke night.
  • Create a DIY photo booth.
  • Plan a dream vacation.
  • Read to each other.
  • Have a paint and sip night.
  • Write love letters.
  • Do a home workout.
  • Have a dessert tasting.
  • Play truth or dare.
  • Create a time capsule.
  • Have a dance party.
  • Do a DIY project.
  • Try indoor camping.
  • Have a fondue night.
  • Play video games together.
  • Watch a documentary.
  • Do a taste test challenge.
  • Play board games by candlelight.
  • Have a themed dinner.
  • Learn a dance routine.
  • Write a short story together.
  • Have a DIY pizza night.
  • Host a trivia night.
  • Create a vision board.
  • Try yoga or meditation.
  • Have a taste of Italy night.
  • Play indoor mini-golf.
  • Do a DIY science experiment.
  • Have a DIY candle-making night.
  • Watch old home videos.
  • Do a home wine or beer-making session.
  • Have a DIY sushi night.
  • Play charades.
  • Do a DIY terrarium.
  • Have a cooking competition.
  • Play 20 questions.
  • Have a chocolate fondue night.
  • Try a new cocktail recipe.
  • Create a bucket list.

Tips to Make an At Home Date Night Special

What you may notice is that a lot of these at home date night ideas are rather simple. The perks of this are that they’re easy to set up, budget-friendly, and don’t require things that you don’t have already or have easy access to get.

That said, simple dates run the risk of feeling like “nothing special”. Luckily, that’s easy to fix! Here are some tips to make sure that even the simplest of at home dates still feels memorable and special.

Use LoveTrack!

This is 100% what we designed LoveTrack to be used for. It’s a completely free date night planner that helps you take the simplest of dates and make them epic! If you’re interested, scroll to the top of the page and give it a try. It’s 100% free to use.

Have a Clearly Defined Start and End to the Date

One thing that makes dates stand out from “just another night at home” is that they have clearly defined start and end times. The best way to do this is schedule a start time for your date. Even if you’re just doing a puzzle with some wine, tell your special someone that “our puzzle date starts at 7pm tonight, so be ready!”

Consider Getting Dressed Up

We’re not talking about getting dressed up like you’re headed somewhere fancy, but by putting on more than just your PJs or sweats, it can help it feel more like a date. How do you know what or how much to do? Simple. Do the things you’d normally do if you were heading out of the house for the date.

Eliminate the At Home Distractions

If you’re doing something special together, put the phones away. Turn the TV off. Send the kiddos to grammy’s. There are extra distractions at home that have the potential to cut into the quality of your date. Go out of your way to make sure you eliminate these, so you can fully enjoy the date.

Actually Plan the Date

Plan the date at least a few days in advance and let your special someone know the plan. This feels way more like a date than “what do you wanna’ do tonight?” does.

Don’t Downplay the Date

As we’ve stated, simple dates are still special! If you treat them and talk about them like they’re special, they’ll continue to be that. But if you say things like “sorry this is so simple” and “I know this isn’t much”, your date is going to start to feel that way about the date. Be confident in your date no matter how simple or complex, inexpensive or pricy it is.