How to Set Up an Amazing Date Night Jar

Are you tired of planning dates by doom scrolling netflix or staring blankly into your pantry for dinner ideas? This creative approach to date planning may be just what the doctor ordered.

For some, a date night jar can be a unique and creative way to add some spice to your date life. For others it serves as a subtle reminder not to neglect quality time with your partner. So, whether you’re looking to get out of a monotonous rut, or just trying to make efforts to be a bit more spontaneous we’re here to help you make your new date night jar the best it can be!

Basics: What is a Date Night Jar?

For anyone who may not know, a date night jar is a collection of pre planned date ideas that you and your partner fill to randomly select from when the urge for a date hits. In short, it’s a small container filled with big ideas to spark memorable dates!

Getting Started: Materials you’ll need…

Ready to make your own? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A container (doesn’t necessarily have to be a jar. Get creative!)
  • Something to write on (index cards, colored paper, etc…)
  • Something to write with (make it fun with colored markers and pencils!)
  • Scissors
  • Additional decorating supplies to taste (stickers, photos, paint, ribbons, etc…)

Simple, but important tips…

If you’ve finished reading the materials list then you probably have a good idea what the finished product will look like, and perhaps even a very effient way to get it done in less time than it would take to finish reading this blog.

But before you rush off… we have a few tips we’d like you to consider to make this something that actually has impact on your date life. After all, what use is the date jar if you slap it together just to tuck it away on a shelf somewhere? Here they are…

  • It Takes 2 – Include your partner
  • Make it Stand Out – get creative
  • Don’t be afraid to get help
  • Keep it Fresh

It Takes 2 – Include your partner

Maybe your partner isn’t “arts and crafty” by nature? And maybe you aren’t either? Believe it or not that’s fine! The purpose of this project is to come together and push each other to be more creative and spontaneous when it comes to your date planning.

By making sure you and your significant other both contribute to the creation of your date night jar you take a meaningful step towards that commitment together. It also guarantees that there are some date ideas that you each are excited about and eagerly waiting to enjoy someday soon!

NOTE – For some extra flair, add a mix of dates you plan together and “mystery dates” to surprise one another down the line.

Make it Stand Out – get creative

Remember that thing we said about your date night jar getting set somewhere and forgotten? The bottoms line is that can happen if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Life gets busy and sometimes date night gets lost in the shuffle. With this in mind, be intentional about making your date night jar stand out.

Use creative containers, bold colors, and intentional placement in your home to ensure fun new dates remain a priority in your relationship. This abstract use of colors will probably clash with your decor, but that’s sorta the point… Make sure it can’t be missed and it won’t be forgotten.

Don’t be afraid to get help

Coming up with date ideas together is an excellent way to stimulate some enjoyable conversation. We strongly recommend starting your date night jar off with a good brainstorming session, but sooner or later the well of new ideas will run dry. Perhaps that’s exactly what brought you to this article?

If that’s the case then we’re glad you’re here! LoveTrack was designed specifically to help users plan better and more creative dates on any budget. We take all the hard work out of date planning by helping you generate fun and unique date ideas based on your interests. We will also equip you with all the necessary tips, tricks, resources, and essential items to pull these dates off like a pro!

Best of all, the LoveTrack App is absolutely free! Click here to see how it works and start planning better dates now! We’ll help you get that jar filled up in no time 🤍.

Keep it Fresh

Remember, the point of this project is to get you away from the “same old same old” dates. To keep the excitement alive, periodically replenish your date night jar with new ideas. You can also add memorable dates you’ve had together or ideas inspired by special occasions. 

You may choose to change the container, or the format of your dates. Maybe use popsicle sticks instead of paper? Or put some dates in envelopes to add to the mystery.. You might even opt to add personal touches over time like short love notes, words of encouragement, and compliments into the mix.

Whatever you do, keep it fresh, fun, and spontaneous and we are confident that it will be a benefit to your date life!

Fun Date Night Jar Examples:

Need a little more help visualizing the end goal? Here are some fun and creative examples of date night jars to inspire you!

Now that you’ve got some ideas for designing your date night jar, here are a few quick ideas for dates you could include to get you going…

  • Sunset picnic at the beach
  • Paint and sip night at home
  • Disposable camera scavenger hunt
  • Fill a time capsule
  • At home candle making
  • Starlit camping in your backyard
  • Dance party in the living room
  • DIY wine tasting evening
  • At home steakhouse date
  • DIY spa night at home
  • Stargazing adventure
  • Cooking a new recipe together
  • Hot sauce challenge date

With your amazing date night jar in hand, you’re ready to embark on a journey of endless romance and adventure with your partner. Here’s to making unforgettable memories together, one date at a time! Thanks for reading!